Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery

Why bamboo cutlery?

  • It is lightweight and durable. Thus, it’s also good for on-the-go
  • Since it’s bamboo, it’s very strong and will last a long time.
  • We believe that bamboo is the best replacement for plastic, and know that you’ll love this eco-friendly alternative to disposable cutlery.
  • Our bamboo knife, fork and spoon are perfect to use for picnics, travel, and camping. Furthermore, it is suitable for everyday use on the go.

Benefits of bamboo

  • Bamboo grows organically, using only water.
  • Even without pesticides, bamboo grows rapidly.
  • Lastly, it is also a very sustainable organic material.


Made in Fujian, China, under good working conditions. The bamboo is grown organically without any herbicides or pesticides. It grows very quickly so that bamboo cutlery can be made without exploiting the earths resources.

£1.49 per item
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