Bamboo Straw

Bamboo Straw

The Best Natural Alternative to Plastic Straws

Every year, people use billions of plastic straws. You can make a difference by using a bamboo straw instead, which is completely natural and much less damaging to the planet.

The bamboo is grown organically without the use pesticides or herbicides. It is also a vegan product.


The stem of the bamboo plant is cut into pieces. This stem is hollow but strong. It is therefore ideal as a drinking straw. And can you get more natural than that? With a bamboo straw you are literally drinking out of a bamboo stem.

Of course, the manufacturer in Vietnam also smooths the end of the straws to make sure the quality is good. Our supplier in Vietnam is proud to be creating local jobs, and to be running a sustainable production. They describe their workers as being like family, and that everyone is happy to help each other.

The bamboo grows very quickly and can be cut down while leaving part of the plant in the soil, which allows the plant to grow back even quicker. It is a sustainable process. 

The length is typically 20cm and the inner diameter approximately 0.7cm. Please keep in mind that since it is a natural product, the dimensions can vary a lot. The colour is not consistent either. This is one of the best features of the bamboo straw – every straw is different and unique. No two straws are the same because no two bamboo plants are the same. Nature at it’s best!

Bamboo can be composted in a home compost since it’s biodegradable.

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