Children's Bamboo Toothbrush

Making the world a better place for our children and for all the future children is a big reason to adopt a more eco friendly lifestyle. You can introduce children to this lifestyle from a young age with our children’s toothbrush. Let’s ensure that the planet’s environment is a great one for them to grow up in.

Schools are starting to teach children about the importance of reducing plastic consumption. Kids often look up to their parents and mimic their behaviours, so it made perfect sense for us to add a children’s toothbrush to our range. Now the whole family can make positive changes to their environmental impact!

The handle of the children’s bamboo toothbrush is made from organically grown bamboo and the bristles are made from Nylon 4. Placing the used bamboo handle to your home compost can add vital nutrients, making this a thoroughly sustainable product that your family will love.

Yes, the bristles are soft. This is the texture dentists recommend for children. Firmer bristles can damage children’s gums.It is 14.3cm in length.

We have tried many different types of bristles and have done a lot of research. Our conclusion is that unfortunately, the bristles are a necessary evil. It is better they go in the waste bin. Technically nylon 4 can biodegrade but that means it will only break down into smaller pieces of plastic.

Like our other toothbrushes, the children’s bamboo toothbrush comes in an individual recyclable cardboard box, to make the product eco-friendly and hygienic.

£2.65 per unit
Plastic Phobia

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